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Chinese 37mm naval gun

Chinese 37mm naval gun


Twin 37 mm ...

A closeup of one of Qingdao's dual 37mm antiaircraft guns.

Twin-Barreled Anti-Aircraft (AA) Gun System

Rear ...

2 x Sextuple Depth Charges Twin 100mm Main Battery Sextuple HQ-61 Anti-Aircraft Missile 4 x Twin 37mm Anti-Aircraft Guns 2 x Triple YJ-1 Anti-Ship Missiles

Iraqi Army 37 mm ...

An eight unit naval HQ-7 launcher behind a Dual barrel Type 79A 100 mm gun.

Mauser MLG 27 mm

Chinese (Soviet) 37mm twin

Single ...

61-K at IDF/AF Museum, Chatzerim airbase, Israel.

With undercarriage removed rest of the gun could be easily bolted to ship deck and most of the 40-mm Bofors used by Finnish Navy were in ...

China's Fast Growing Naval Might

China railgun Type 055A destroyer cruiser

Oto Melara 76 mm

credits to owners

China railgun Type 072III 936

PHOTOS of Chinese 'secret railgun' mounted on ship emerge online

History and use[edit]

Pakistani army air defense forces use now an upgrade version of the Chinese-made twin

1 × PJ26 76 mm dual purpose gun

Here's What We Know About China's Secretive Electromagnetic Railgun

The Chinese Navy Practiced In The South China Sea This August | 21st Century Asian Arms Race

Type 072Ⅲ landing ship Haiyangshan at Wuchang shipyard, this place used to install twin 37mm gun.

Twin-Barreled Anti-Aircraft (AA) Gun System

Leaked Pictures Show A Deadly Electromagnetic Weapon On A Chinese Warship

Chinese Type 65 towed twin barrel 37mm anti-aircraft guns retired from service?

Japanese 25mm dual mount anti-aircraft gun - Guam.jpg

Help: The 8.8cm AA gun imported by China in 1930s

China seems to have developed a railgun

Bofors 40 mm gun

US Navy Railgun

Anti-aircraft warfare

Danish 37mm naval cartridge gun model 1886, pic2 - Stock Image

37mm Antiaircraft gun in Solomons.jpg

China railgun Type 072III 936

Chinese PJ26 76mm Naval Gun Test

QF 4-inch naval gun Mk XVI

Type 55 37mm anti-aircraft gun system technical data sheet specifications information description intelligence pictures

A Type-072 Class (928) Landing Ship with the normal twin 37mm gun, Credits: WikimediaCommons/ 樱井千

Cold War Chinese Warships

Image 3 of 7

Based on the picture, the destroyer has been fitted with H/PJ-11

A Bofors 57 mm Mk 1 live-firing on the Swedish Spica-II-class fast attack craft. Type, Naval artillery

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China is modernising its navy

37-mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun

V-11 as a memorial to the defenders of Seraya Loshad fort

Type 65/74

Also noticeable on the new pictures of Shenzhen's refit are four Type 345 (Front-

Type 65/74

Chinese PLAN (1974-96) 18 ships

Chinese AFV with a 76mm naval gun ...


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Bofors 40mm AA gun - 1/72 First to Fight model kit

3 x 37mm Anti-Aircraft Guns 2 x 25mm Guns 2 x FQF 2500 Depth Charges Z-9 Helicopter

Image 7 of 7

37mm Maxim Pom Pom auto cannon in Naval mount



Type 65/74

Unusable Exocet Missiles || War Thunder Albatross Gameplay

Three Chinese Navy vessels visit Helsinki

THE BEST SHIP | Turtle Back Armor is AMAZING (War Thunder Ships Gameplay)

Boxart Willys MB & 37mm AT Gun SP072004 S-Model (China)

Danish 37mm naval cartridge gun model 1886, pic1 - Stock Image

37mm Anti-Aircraft Gun System

A Chinese built Type 53H frigate. DoD Photo

WT || LCS(L)(3) - 40 mm Bofors Are Too Good

CNS Type 053H3 (Jiangwei II)

Guided missle destroyer Shenzhen

US Navy recoignition plate of the nanking fleet

(40 mm antiaircraft gun models M/35 - M/39 Bofors)

The gun on the bow is claimed to be a prototype railgun. (Haohan-Red Shark via Storyful). A Chinese naval ...

China Refits Older Warships for a Bigger Punch

PLA Navy's South China Sea Fleet conduct realistic training


Brief history of the Chinese Navy prior to 1949

Sources and Resources

Type 55 37mm anti-aircraft gun system technical data sheet specifications description pictures video | China Chinese army light heavy weapons UK | Chinese ...

HotchkissFieldserviceandlimber · HotchkissFieldserviceandlimber


(CNN)China is getting closer to equipping its warships with electromagnetic railguns, state media reports — which, if true, means its fleet could soon boast ...

Type 55 37mm anti-aircraft gun system technical data sheet specifications information description intelligence pictures

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